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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Borntowin Training’s all about?

Borntowin is an educational platform where you can get Trainings to learn about starting or promoting your own online business, online and offline Sales Techniques, reprogramming of subconscious mind, Law of Attraction, goal setting and many more training content on different topics.

Borntowin provide you opportunity to earn money online by selling its Training packages. It’s a great opportunity for people who want to start and learn Affiliate marketing or want to earn money online.

Yes you should have to be 18 years old as per Indian law to do any business.

Yes PAN card is compulsory to get the commissions. Without PAN card commission wouldn’t be transferred in your Bank Account. It stay hold till PAN details uploading.

You can saw videos inside your Borntowin login account after purchasing the package.

You can make as much as Income as you can. Commission should be paid according to sale done by you.

There is no limit; you can sell as much as packages as you can.

Commission is paid weekly. It’s a weekly cycle. Sales done by you from Monday to Sunday till 12 am, its commission paid in next week.

Yes there is a 5% TDS which is deducted from your each commission as per Indian Tax Law.

Yes you can upgrade your package any time.

No, it’s not any Money making scheme, neither any chit fund scheme. Remember there are no shortcut and no magic to make money in Borntowin Affiliate program. You can only earn commissions on selling Borntowin training packages. Sell to Earn.

No there is no Guarantee. Earning money is all depend upon individual learning’s, efforts and actions taken by them.

You get all the training content which helps you to sell the Borntowin training packages..

Yes it’s a legal platform.