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About Borntowin Trainings

Borntowin trainings is an online educational platform where people can take education on different topics through our educational courses which helps to empowering people to learn different skills. We also design a training content to Reprogram your mind with full of Positive Energy and vibrations. We believe in the journey of our life or success, mind plays a leading role.

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About US
Meet the Founder

Leading the charge as a founder of Borntowin trainings is Sumeet Sethi. He is a professional Affiliate Marketer and a Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner. He started his journey in Sales and marketing 15 years ago. In his journey he trained thousands of people to grow their “Selling and Marketing skills” and guides them to achieve their goals. Four years ago he put step in the Affiliate marketing Industry. By learning the online selling skills soon he took his income up to 6 figures per month online. He guided thousands of people on

Affiliate marketing, online selling skills and helps them to build up their 6 figure income business online.

Now with a dream he starts an Affiliate program “Borntowin Trainings” with a mission to transform his nation people life’s by providing them a tremendous opportunity to learn and earn online. His mission is to help people by sharing his experience through his trainings. What he learnt from his journey of last 16 years he put everything inside in their Training content. His trainings programs support you not only to build you’re online or offline selling skills but also trained your mind to achieve any parameter of success and wealth in your life.

Founder of BornToWin

Sumeet Sethi

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Best Education

You can get high Quality Digital educational content, which helps to enhance your knowledge, skills and mindset.

Refer & Earn

You can earn up to 70% as a direct refer income, 30% as a passive income and get more income benefits.

Achieve your Dreams

We unlock your hidden potential to makes you more confident and more motivated

Work from Smart phone

You can work with us by using your Smart phone or by using your laptop and PC.

Free Marketing skills

You can learn affiliate marketing skills and the skills to sell anything online and offline.

Best support system

You can get system Support and Trainings to boost up your Borntowin Affiliate Business.

National/International trips

You can easily achieve National/ International trips by selling our educational packages.

Career in Affiliate Marketing

With our Trainings you can learn the strategies to build your career in Affiliate Marketing.

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